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Peter Singer on Utilitarianism

A Level: CCEA • Edexcel • OCR

A detailed investigation into Peter Singer's key ideas on utilitarianism, including what they are, how they work, and why they're important. This lesson provides a brief biography of Peter Singer and covers the text of Practical Ethics. This includes discussion of universalisability, the application of the principle of equality to animal and human interests, and his argument that personhood gives some beings higher value than others within the framework of preference utilitarianism.

GTRS C U PSOU Practical Ethics (3)Peter Singer's Practical Ethics is a great read! The third edition is available here and covers a diverse range of topics, including animal ethics, abortion and euthanasia, poverty and affluence, climate change, and environmental ethics. It's fascinating and stimulating, particularly because some of its most controversial conclusions are so carefully and convincingly argued. Although it isn't quite as punchy as Animal Ethics (which you can find discussed in Peter Singer on Animal Ethics), it covers much more ground and is incredibly thought-provoking. In brief, it's a must-read book!

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