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  • George Teaches RS has arrived like the proverbial manna from heaven. In terms of quality of resources and ease of accessibility, this is probably the best A Level RE website I have ever found in my 20+ years of teaching.

    Ian Petrie

    Deputy Headteacher, St Ignatius' College

  • I can honestly say George Teaches Religious Studies has saved me so much time and I might actually be able to see my family. The resources are excellent. Really easy to navigate and with well explained videos.

    Mary Anne Petrie

    Teacher of Religious Studies, St Joan of Arc Catholic School

  • I have found George Teaches Religious Studies to be an extremely valuable resource that's brilliant at aiding progress at A Level. Definitely great value for money and a fantastic purchase for our department.

    Katy McDougall

    Head of Religious Studies, Watford Grammar School for Girls

  • George Teaches Religious Studies is a fabulous resource making difficult topics easily accessible for independent studies. Without doubt, a very worthwhile investment for any religious studies department.

    Jenny Graham

    Head of Religious Studies, Downsend School

  • The site is very user friendly and all resources are easily accessed. All resources can be downloaded and therefore displayed on any teacher platform an individual school chooses to use. I highly recommend.

    Katrina Brown

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Llantwit Major School

  • George’s video lessons are very useful for flipped learning as they introduce the student to the key content. These are high quality resources which support the curriculum and independent study.

    Gemma Tendall

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Plymstock School

  • George Teaches Religious Studies has given my student teachers the confidence to tackle a range of topics, especially those trainees for whom philosophy is not central to their schema of knowledge.

    Teresa Griffiths

    PGCE Subject Lead for Religious Studies, University of Bristol

  • Amazing... These resources and website are an incredibly valuable resource. Highly accessible with high level knowledge of the philosophy and ethics topics covered in the A Level Religious Studies specifications.

    Claire Glover

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Tameside College

  • I have found this site to be an amazing resource for two reasons: first, it has provided depth to topics that the textbooks only skim over and, second, it has enabled me to teach AO1 content in a much more concentrated format.

    Anthony Braddick-Southgate

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Watford Grammar School for Boys

  • If you sign up for George Teaches, you will not be disappointed! The content is being developed all the time and there are a number of information notes and worksheets to accompany the various topics available.

    Paul Bennett

    Teacher of Religious Studies, St Julie's Catholic High School

  • George Teaches Religious Studies is a fantastic one stop shop for all A Level RS teachers. I would strongly recommend this site to all those who are teaching or studying philosophy and ethics at A Level.

    Rebecca Blake

    Head of Religious Studies, St Ignatius' College

  • As a trainee teacher, George Teaches has been extremely helpful for me because I can enhance my own subject knowledge by watching the great quality videos. I would highly recommend this site to all trainee RE teachers.

    Tokeer Yasin

    PGCE Student Teacher, Smithills School

  • George Teaches Religious Studies is so well put together and it’s very user friendly! Year 13s primarily use the site for revision purposes and have found it a great way to self-assess their learning from year 12. 

    Bríd Larkin

    Teacher of Religious Studies, St Angela's Ursuline School

  • George Teaches Religious Studies is an excellent resource, providing our teachers and pupils with academically stimulating and challenging insights into the A level topics that push pupils to A* territory.

    Clare Handzel

    Head of Religious Studies, St John's School

  • George Teaches has proved to be an invaluable resource... George covers many areas of the AQA Religious Studies specification and the site is astonishingly easy to navigate for both teachers and students.

    Sharon Minta

    Head of Sixth Form, Bridgewater School

  • What I really like about the site is that it presents such accessible but detailed explanations. Topics are broken down into different aspects so that you can use the most relevant parts with different groups of students.

    Kate Short

    Teacher of Religious Studies, Prince Henry's High School


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